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Thursday, July 9, 2020

OnePlus 6T — Australian Review: The best phone you can’t easily get

As a company, OnePlus have brand recognition amongst phone fans that’s hard to emulate from some of even the biggest brands in the market. Their devices are coveted, even if they’re not easily accessible here in Australia. It’s the...

OnePlus 6 — Australian Review

OnePlus built its empire (so to speak) on being the "flagship killer" at half the price. They offered a phone that was pretty good, at a price that was really good, and sold via limited channels in limited markets....

OnePlus 5 — Australian review

To most reading this OnePlus most likely does not need an introduction. They are a company created from enthusiasts focused on creating a phone for enthusiasts. They are mostly an online sales company who rarely advertise and rely on...

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