If you’re wanting to get one of Samsung’s hot new phones, you might want to check out today’s deal for eBay Plus members, offering $350 off a pre-order on Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+.

Similar to their tech deals from a few weeks ago, there’ll be a limited number of devices on offer. New devices will be offered hourly from 10am to 6pm (Sydney time).

The deal brings the Galaxy Note 10 down to $1,149 and the Note 10+ to $1,349. If you wanted any colour besides Aura Black, you’ll be disappointed though.

The cheap prices are activated from existing listings (Note 10 here and Note 10+ here) wth the voucher code PLUSPHONE applied at the checkout.

You’ll have to be quick and grab these deals when they come up on the hour – eBay hasn’t said how many phones will be sold at the discounted prices.

We suggest getting your eBay Plus membership in order before attempting to redeem the offer so you can speed through the checkout. You might also want to have the item in your basket to redeem the code when the clock strikes the hour.

eBay Plus allows to get free delivery and returns from a large (and growing) number of Australian retailers. It costs $49/year, with 30 day free trial available – if it saves you this much off a phone it’s probably worth it.

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Forgot to mention there. They are not coming with the akg headphones. Thus the price cut.


lmao I bet these are people just reselling the samsung edu store phones


No bonus headphones though