ALDI is at it again, offering a very special price on a big screen TV this coming Saturday. The 65″ 4K Ultra HD TV is $599, which is very cheap for a 65-inch TV.

These aren’t a panel of the same level as the Hisense, Sony or Samsung. But for users who want an upgrade, a big screen and high resolution they’re a good option. They have 4 x HDMI inputs allowing you to use an Android TV box, Chromecast Ultra or with other external sources. You can also use USB playback through the side mounted USB ports.

Having seen one of these screens from a previous buy opportunity, I can say they’re a good value for money option. But if you’re big on high quality video, it’s not for you, for someone looking for a bit of an upgrade it’s got great potential.

If you’ve previously grabbed an Aldi Special Buy screen, share your experience with us

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Walmart is a Supermarket also but we buy there TV’s


What the heck brand and model is it? Lol that’s pretty important info so we can know the tech specs?


Wow you actually put hisense up there with Samsung and LG. Good work


As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and buying a tv from a supermarket is just that. So many friends who gloat about amazing deal got from Aldi, only to have to return it because it stopped working, which they don’t tell me about because they know what i would say. People want the best but want to pay peanuts for it.


I tried to talk my dad out of buying one of these about 5 years ago. He is tight and bought it anyway. Is it an amazing screen? No. But it’s been pretty solid and he has had no issues with it.