A favourite site of a number of the Ausdroid Team is Dead Zebra, most of us have some (okay, maybe a lot) of their Mini Android figurines. This time of year, the focus shifts to a more festive mindset and they’re not an exception finding a small stash of their Christmas Androids.

HOLIDAY 2019 : We found a small stash of these, available while supplies last!

Ornaments are back! Now silver! Deck the halls, walls, trees, wreaths, bushes, your desk.. deck whatever you want with some Android ornaments! 3″ mini collectibles come complete with pop-in ornament topper for hanging.

At USD$12 they’re not cheap, but mine are 5 years old and still going strong. I’ll echo their sentiments though… glitter does tend to get everywhere until the loose coating breaks away. So perhaps a gentle rub down outside before hanging them on your tree is a good idea.

If you’re keen, head to the Dead Zebra site and grab yourself some Android Festive cheer.