As the 5G rollout continues across Australia, the device list will continue to grow. One of the bigger devices to launch in this space was the S10 5G, but you pay a premium for the latest technology.

Well, you certainly did around this time last year at launch with an asking price of some $2,199.

Fast forward to March 2020, though, and the asking price for Samsung’s S10 5G has dropped more than a little. Today JB Hi-Fi has discounted the device to half price at $1099 vs the normal $2199 cost for the phone.

Offering users all of the modern conveniences of a top-end phone including fast charging, plenty of RAM, an Exynos 9820 CPU and a really good camera there’s a lot to like. It mightn’t have all the bells and whistles of this year’s Galaxy S20 range, but it has most of them, and that asking price is mighty compelling.

With the addition of 5G you’ll see the exceptional data speed you would expect in 5G coverage areas as well…. for what few of them there are so far.

For more detail on the S10 5G check out our review then head to your local JB for a deal.

If you’re ready to make the switch to 5G, what device are you interested in taking that plunge with?

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Chris Rowland

No arguments there; the S10 5G is a great phone, but at $1099 for last year’s tech… I’d probably not be recommending it too hard.


Didn’t early 5G phones have a separate chip/modem for 5G instead of an integrated one which can cause them to drain the battery faster?

Chris Rowland

Yep, they did. Not sure if the S10 5G was in that category or not… I suspect it was.