If you’re doing the hunt around for a new mobile carrier, Circles.life has to be figuring in your decision. They’ve continually come to the party with great deals on their plan, today is no different. With a deal offering 20% off — actually a touch over — until the 1st of March, it’s worth considering.

The deal brings users a pile of data at really reasonable prices:

  • 100GB of data per month for $30
  • 50GB of data per month for $22
  • 8GB of data per month for $14

Of course, the usual caveats apply to changing your carrier noting that Circles.life runs on the Optus network. As a Mobile Network Virtual Operator (MNVO) they have full access to the network including top data delivery speeds. Check out the deals and ask lots of questions before you sign up to carrier deals, but on the surface, this looks to be catch-free.

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They will make you go in Circles to get out of the contract.. stay away from them