Normally when we’re talking about ALDI Special Buys, it’s because it’s something super cool – new tech, cheap TVs, a bargain on mobiles or something. However, this weekend there’s a sale on and it’s definitely not cool … although perhaps you could use it if you were cool.

Yep, this weekend is ALDI’s Snow Sale 2021, and unlike last year, this event looks massive. You see, the event was called off last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic because in the middle of winter, most of us were pretty much locked down and couldn’t go anywhere fun anyway.

This year though, there’s no lockdown, and people are getting out and about like never before and with a chill in the air, it’s time for Australians (or at least a good number of them) to head to our highest heights and get amongst the snow action.

Outside our local ALDI this morning at Mount Kuringgai, lines were out the door, across the forecourt and down some nearby stairs, with an estimated 200-odd shoppers waiting to rush inside at open time and snag a bargain on some winter wear.

As reported by, would-be bargain shoppers worked in teams, with some looking for jackets, others pants, some for adults and others kids clothing. In the couple of local stores we managed to get into, there were boots, jackets, thermals, pants and more lined up for sale but – mid morning – all but the least popular sizes were mostly gone.