It’s part of the connected world we live in now, that you need a decent mobile connection and a solid amount of data. While being with one of the big three is great, it’s not always necessary. Mobile Network Virtual Operators (MNVOs) are in the game, with lower overheads and often have better deals than the big players.

Internode mobile has followed suit of competitors like Amaysim and by offering some hefty discounts. The offerings are essentially 50% off all plans for the first 6 months for new customers. All plans come with unlimited talk and text to Australian numbers, with the differentiating factor being data allowance:

  • 8GB is down to $10 per month from $19.99
  • 16GB is down to $12.50 per month from $24.99
  • 40GB is down to $15 per month from $29.99
  • 55GB is down to $20 per month from $39.99

As always with any mobile carrier change you should check their product information and coverage maps. In the case of Internode Mobile, with the Vodafone and TPG merger processing now you’ll be on the Vodafone network so you know what you’re getting.

It’s not the greatest data deal we’ve seen lately, but it’s certainly not the worst. Order and activation are easily completed online and (once the SIM is received) you’ll be back on the air in minutes.