In days gone by, you could get your desired handset subsidised by carriers when you contracted for a set term. More recently, we’ve seen a movement to buyers being able to repay — at full, or near full cost — handsets over a period. Now Vodafone is taking us back in time with up to a $1,200.00 voucher to use on your dream phone when you sign onto eligible plans.

The timing couldn’t be better too with Christmas just around the corner. Buyers can use the vouchers against the purchase of some of those fruity phones, any Samsung Galaxy S21 device, a Z Flip 3 or Galaxy Fold 3. The offer brings users 200GB of data, up to 1000 minutes per month of international calls to set locations and $5 roaming if you’re travelling overseas.

The difference between the two plans is pretty simple:

  • $89 per month is a 12 month commitment with a $400 voucher
  • $99 per month is a 24 month commitment with a $1200 voucher

As always with carrier offers there are some terms and conditions, as well as advised caution to check coverage maps. In this instance, once your 200GB of data is exhausted, your data speeds will be throttled to 1.5Mbps until rollover.

Leading into Christmas, we’re likely to see more carrier offers which beg the question: What offering would entice you to switch your carrier or plan?