One of the quiet achievers in the password management realm is Enpass. It is a system based on the local storage of your password database, allowing you to sync between devices via personal cloud accounts vs server-based storage. This avoids one of the major points of scepticism for users, keeping data either directly on personal devices or in storage that is further protected by passwords and 2FA.

The service came to our attention when we asked readers for their recommendations, with the separated vaults also very handy for sharing.

If you’re ready to move into — or onto a new option for — password management, then saving up to 60% off of the subscription for Enpass has to be enticing. The special runs from this Friday, the 25th of November, through to the 28th, and you can check it out here.

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I used KeepassX with my database file stored in my Google Drive and key file in my Dropbox for a few years and it was… fine. And free.

I’ve now changed to Bitwarden using their cloud storage and love the app and integration on Android and Windows.

I can see the argument for paying money for a service that allows a Bitwarden (and I assume many other password managers) experience that accesses my own files, but a $5+ per month per user subscription model isn’t how I’d be willing to do it.


why pay a subscription for local storage and using your own cloud? weird.