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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Ok Google, What’s an Avocado? – Android Wear voice Search

Android Wear is getting a pretty big push from Google - rightfully so - it's their next big step for Android before Android Auto, Android TV and Android One get released. The latest commercial shows off Voice Search, because...

Toyota’s new infotainment system based around the Nexus 7

Android integration has already started to make its way into modern-day cars, the next step forward is Android Auto, which should start being introduced into 2015 model vehicles later this year and into next year. Twenty Five car brands have already...

New to Android? Here’s our must-have apps!

Are you new to Android? Whether you're joining us from the iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry world, or if you're new to smartphones altogether, it's important to start somewhere as you make your new phone yours, and there's no...

Google shows off Android Auto – Android in the car.

Google has entered the car, no not the self-driving car, that's still a long way off. Google has instead launched Android Auto, a system that will integrate Android from your phone into your car entertainment system. Patrick Brady, Director...

Moto X — Review

The Moto X - Motorola's biggest wasted opportunity The Android road for Motorola has been a rocky one. In the beginning, their offerings were quite frustrating, with the use of their MotoBlur skin universally derided. It was, by many accounts,...

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