Android Auto is a great interface for those of us on Android handsets who need the infotainment connection in our cars. The problem is, that it’s not always convenient to plug in your phone to the head unit.

Meet Carsifi, an adaptor that brings wireless Android Auto to anyone who wants it. It’s roughly the size of a box of matches and is reasonably priced at $130.00

It connects to your phone via 2.4 or 5 GHz WIFI and Bluetooth 4.2 giving connectivity for phone calls, as well as streaming data. If this is sounding like an interesting alternative to the Moto MA1, you can pick one up at Carsifi online.

We’ll be taking a look at one soon, so stay tuned for an upcoming review.

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It’s Carsifi, not Carsify.


Question. Does the car stereo head unit need to be Android Auto compatible to use this device? I am looking for a solution that can change my non Android infotainment system into Android Auto one. Out of the box, the Xtrail head unit is not Android Auto compatible.


Yes it does.


Been using it for the past month and absolutely love the convenience. The one big plus point for Carsifi is the support to multiple devices and the easy switching between them. My wife and I share the car, so both our phones connect up very easily and depending on who’s driving, we can choose that device to display up.