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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Android Gmail app to get a Navigation Drawer

Looks like the new Gmail Android app got an outing at one of the IO developer sessions. At a session called 'Structure in Android App Design' Jens Nagel showed the slide above which shows the use of the navigation...

Telstra now rolling out Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2

A month after Optus rolled out their Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S2, Telstra are beginning their rollout. The Jelly Bean update which was approved for deployment by Telstra on the 17th of May is now rolling...

Android 4.3 spotted running on a Nexus 4 at a trade show in Thailand

The next iteration of Android has pretty much been confirmed by a sighting of a Nexus 4 running Android 4.3 (JWR45B) by XDA user Chaleen at Thailand Mobile expo 2013. The familiar Android Jelly Bean Easter Egg screen 'confirms' that...

Reckon One – Cloud based modular Accounting for the Web, Android and iOS

When talking accounting software in Australia and New Zealand, one of the most recognisable names is Quickbooks or Quicken. The company behind this software, Reckon has been developing their accounting software products for the last 25 years. Reckon is...

Chrome Beta adds full screen browsing for tablets

Yesterday we told you about the update to Chrome for Android (the stable build) and how this brought full screen browsing to phones. Well, with the stable build of chrome being promoted to version 27, it comes as no surprise...

HTC: Australian HTC One lacks SD card slot because of our radio frequencies

Yep, that's the official party line. Apparently, some Asian variants of HTC's flagship device -- the HTC One -- do have SD card slots, and when questioned about this, HTC's Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon told...

Unlocked Google Glass units can now run ClockworkMod Recovery

ClockworkMod is a staple in the Android world. If you've ever rooted your device, chances are you've come across it at some point, and almost every Android device imaginable supports it. And now, so does Glass. Google Glass was...

Game Review: PUK

I am a fan of simple games. You know, the sort of game you can pick up and play for a few minutes and then forget about. PUK is one of those games, well at least it should be. The...

LG announce waterproof Optimus GJ

First it was IR Blasters but now it seems that ruggedising your phone is the next battlefield. LG have annonced the LG Optimus GJ, what seems to be a ruggedised version of the LG Optimus G which we reviewed...

Google Play Magazines updated with a new UI

Quite a few of the 'Best of Google' apps have seen some pretty nice updates over the last few days bringing the new user interface that Google are promoting which includes the new Navigation drawer. Today Google Play Magazines...

HTC looking to reintroduce the Desire brand

HTC appears to be on the track to reintroduce their seemingly forgotten Desire brand. Once the flagship of their range, the Desire series began slowly descending towards low to mid level devices with the release last year of the...

HTC announces the Desire 600 for Russia, Ukraine and the Middle East

After showing up briefly today on a benchmarking site, HTC Has just officially announced the Desire 600 for Russia, Ukraine and the Middle-East. The phone specs list options for other markets so this initial release could expand shortly. At the...

A new phone from Samsung, new claims in the Apple patent war

Here we go again: another phone from Samsung brings another claim of patent infringement from Apple. While the issue Apple has with the Galaxy S4 is essentially the same as they had with the Samsung Galaxy S III...

Two-step auth for Twitter, a bit late for some but it’s finally here

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsdvJI0AK5M Twitter Inc. has announced today that they've enabled two-step authentication for users of their social networking service. Like most other services offering two-step authentication, you need to give Twitter a secondary point of contact before you can enable it...

Google Drive update brings new functions

Google have today announced some updates to Google Drive which should bring some further happiness to users of their Android app. The new Drive app allows you to quickly preview documents card-style, as you can on the desktop, which is...

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