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[Good Deal] EOFY Belkin Bargains

Belkin is a well respected name in mobile and computing accessories. Approaching the end of the financial year, there are a couple of bargains to be had. The Belkin BoostCharge 40W Dual USB-C PD Wall...

Recently upgraded your phone and need new accessories? Belkin has you covered

Sometimes, it's not till you upgrade a device that you realise you're not getting the best results from accessories. Common issues users will see with older accessories include: Old chargers won't fast charge your devices Lower...

What’s in my bag? Phil’s 2022 gear cache

I’ve done this in the past, the last one in 2020 and have recently had a number of requests to update what I carry when I’m on the go. Typically I’ve got review...

Belkin brings the beats and cuts the noise with its new SOUNDFORM audio gear

We're used to seeing new entries into the audio arena these days. With much of the world becoming mobile again (and Christmas fast approaching) the timing is right for Belkin to deliver. ...

Belkin BOOST CHARGE Dual USB-C Gallium nitride hands-on: must have gear bag upgrade

Imagine the future world, where all devices are using the same long-range wireless charging standard, your battery is effortless recharged whenever you're near a transmitter, bliss. While we may be a fair way away...

Belkin’s battery boosters won’t drain your wallet

We're all in the same boat these days with lots of electronics that need charging regularly. What's important for many is to set themselves up for long days to make sure they still...

Belkin’s CES hardware release includes wireless earbuds and a wireless charging stand

Belkin is one of the big, but quiet achievers of the electronics market. They continually bring new, innovative and feature-rich devices to market that won't break the bank. With CES currently running -- online...

Belkin launch a new wireless charger with a built in Bluetooth speaker

Belkin are one of the better aftermarket accessory manufacturer in Australia -- we have looked at a few of their wireless chargers in recent years. They have now introduced a new take on...

Belkin GaN charging is ready to power your day

Belkin had jumped aboard the GaN charger train and delivered two new offerings to the market. The two offerings are a 30W and 68W charger which can deliver the required power to phones,...

Belkin’s battery boosting options just got a power up

What's more important than being connected these days? Part of that need we have is to stay connected as well, aside from fringe connectivity the biggest risk to that for most users is the...

Review: Belkin BOOST↑UP Wireless Charging Stand 10W

A year or so ago we reviewed a Belkin wireless charging pad. Since then we have seen not only more phones supporting wireless charging but also Belkin update their wireless chargers. As...

Belkin reveal a smart speaker with inbuilt wireless charging

CES is a pretty crazy time of year in the tech world and this year is no exception. We're seeing releases from most of the major players but Belkin have something new. ...

Belkin build their charging arsenal at CES 2020

Belkin have a strong reputation in the accessories market for providing what users need and at a relatively fair cost. At CES this year they've increased their charging arsenal with a number of...

Belkin’s new Universal Cable can help you charge pretty much anything

If you're anything like me (or for that matter, most of the Ausdroid crew), then you probably carry a bunch of charging cables around with you so you can be ready for any situation!...

Review: Belkin BOOST↑UP Wireless Charging Pad

A few months ago Belkin launched their new charging pad and stand so when the Galaxy Note9 landed on my doorstep I knew right where to look to test it's wireless charging capabilities. The Belkin...

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