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Belkin launch a new wireless charger with a built in Bluetooth speaker

Belkin are one of the better aftermarket accessory manufacturer in Australia -- we have looked at a few of their wireless chargers in recent years. They have now introduced a new take on...

Belkin GaN charging is ready to power your day

Belkin had jumped aboard the GaN charger train and delivered two new offerings to the market. The two offerings are a 30W and 68W charger which can deliver the required power to phones,...

Belkin’s battery boosting options just got a power up

What's more important than being connected these days? Part of that need we have is to stay connected as well, aside from fringe connectivity the biggest risk to that for most users is the...

Review: Belkin BOOST↑UP Wireless Charging Stand 10W

A year or so ago we reviewed a Belkin wireless charging pad. Since then we have seen not only more phones supporting wireless charging but also Belkin update their wireless chargers. As...

Belkin reveal a smart speaker with inbuilt wireless charging

CES is a pretty crazy time of year in the tech world and this year is no exception. We're seeing releases from most of the major players but Belkin have something new. ...

Belkin build their charging arsenal at CES 2020

Belkin have a strong reputation in the accessories market for providing what users need and at a relatively fair cost. At CES this year they've increased their charging arsenal with a number of...

Belkin’s new Universal Cable can help you charge pretty much anything

If you're anything like me (or for that matter, most of the Ausdroid crew), then you probably carry a bunch of charging cables around with you so you can be ready for any situation!...

Review: Belkin BOOST↑UP Wireless Charging Pad

A few months ago Belkin launched their new charging pad and stand so when the Galaxy Note9 landed on my doorstep I knew right where to look to test it's wireless charging capabilities. The Belkin...

Belkin have accessories for your Samsung Galaxy Note9

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 will no doubt be one of the biggest selling Android phones of the year. As such it is not surprisingly to see some of the big names release high...

Belkin goes big with Power Pack 15K – a 15,000 mAh battery for $79.95

We've looked at Belkin's USB batteries before - they're well proportioned and lightweight devices, with generous capacities at affordable prices. Now, in case the company's biggest battery wasn't big enough for you, Belkin's bumped it...

Pocket Power: Belkin’s new USB battery range starts at $39.95

Belkin has announced a new range of compact portable USB batteries, labelled Pocket Power. Taking over from the company's current MIXIT series, the new batteries feature a lighter plastic body and simpler construction. There's...

Good Deal: Belkin Mixit 4,000mAh USB power banks $14 at Big W

Owning a backup USB power bank has become part and parcel of modern smartphone ownership. I'm always on the lookout for a new battery at a good price despite owning a few high capacity...

Belkin’s new backpacks are designed to carry and protect your gear on the go

Belkin surprised us at Ausdroid last week with a special delivery of a brand new accessory - not the latest USB power bank or high tech protective case, but a backpack - a rather...

Belkin’s latest DuraTek USB cable reinforced with Kevlar hits Australian shelves

Belkin first teased their latest USB Cable in the lead up to CES 2017, and then announced them in Australia a few months later. Now the USB C variants are hitting Australian shelves and...

Belkin launch a USB-C version of their ultra-durable Mixit DuraTek cable

Everyone hates it when a USB cable stops working suddenly. It always happens at the most inopportune time -- Murphy's Law. Now many companies are making much more durable cables, one being...

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