CES is a pretty crazy time of year in the tech world and this year is no exception. We’re seeing releases from most of the major players but Belkin have something new. The release of the Belkin Soundform Elite which is a Wi-Fi Smart Speaker with inbuilt wireless charging capability.

First and foremost the speaker – on paper – looks to be a very nice option as a stand alone smart speaker. Belkin has teamed teamed up with Devialet to provide an outstanding audio experience.

The SOUNDFORM™ ELITE speaker combines premium, high-fidelity sound (up to 90dB SPL of max volume), fast wireless charging and integration with the Google Voice Assistant. Users can charge their phone, play music, get answers and connect multiple Google Assistant-enabled speakers for an immersive multi-room experience. They can also control their smart home with exceptionally powerful and clear sound quality.

Let’s be honest though, with the current development of smart homes and the building of connected lifestyles smart speakers aren’t hard to find. For speakers to stand out in the crowd, they need to have something different about the. The SoundForm ELite also has a steady wireless charging experience for Qi-enabled devices up to 10W without sacrificing the sound quality through the design of the speaker.

We’re yet to see the Australian pricing and availability, but it’s fair to say more than one of our team are interested in taking a closer look. So we’ll be keeping in touch with Belkin to ensure we know when it becomes available and how much it’s going to cost.

Source: Belkin.