LIFX, the Aussie born smart lighting company, has debuted new products at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, with the company announcing that it has a renewed brand focus, being smarter with light to solve existing new new consumers problems and to help enhance their everyday living.

The company has announced five new products which include :

  • LIFX Filament White – which is a take on the more the tear drop like type of lighting smart globe. There will also be another similar globe (the G95 Globe) coming later on, thugh no specifics were announced. The Filament White globe will launch in smokey, amber and clear glass versions, and will be available through the website this Autumn (2020) however prices haven’t yet been announced.
  • LIFX Switch – a smart lighting switch that can control smart lighting but also other non smart lights as well, and other lights in your place. It has the LIFX Control Module inside which gives it cloud connectivity allowing for scheduling, voice control and more. The LIFX Switch will be available online through the website from Autumn 2020 and will retail for AUD $179.00 with pre-orders at $149.95 being taken.
  • LIFX Z TV 360* Kit & LIFX Z Gamer Kit – This is an extension of the current “Z” range of LIFX LED strips, with the company stating that the kits are designed to adhere to the back of TVs and gaming monitors. Though interestingly, the “360” aspect mainly refers to the LED strips being included with corner connectors and optimum length LED strip pieces to run along the edge of your TV set up compared to the current kit which is a single 1m strip currently and can only be placed horizontally. The LIFX Z TV360* Kit & Z Gamer Kits will be available through the website this Autumn (2020) however prices haven’t yet been announced.
  • LIFX Candle White to Warm – is an extension of the current LIFX Candle Colour as a tunable white model in the Candle range. These will connect to your voice assistant to adjust the light from the same cool white to warm white of the LIFX Mini Day & Dusk product. The LIFX Candle White to Warm will be available through the website this Autumn (2020) however prices haven’t yet been announced.
  • LIFX 100mm Downlight White to Warm – are a company strategy to help to achieve a range that suits more customers and their whole home. The new downlight comes in White to Warm colours and will be available through the website from Autumn this year for approximately AUD $69.99.

The company announced that it will be launching a whole new LIFX app from mid January which has been designed around customer surveys and feedback to reduce the number of steps to get where you’re going, and to shift focus up – from your phone to your home.

The new features the app will include:

  • “The Scheduler” – Scheduling and automation are users’ number one reason for investing in smart lights, so the new Schedules page makes creating and viewing your schedules easy.
  • “The Whole-Home User” – The Dashboard now contains groups, and those groups can be controlled from the dashboard itself.
  • “The On-Demand User” – This person likes one-touch flexibility, but for pre-programmed actions. That’swhy the Scenes & Effects now exists, which remembers your saved actions, and includes favourites, just like the dashboard.

Other features will also include the ability to:

  • Personalise your dashboard with photos for Groups – choose functional room image, or just multiple photos of your cat. It’s up to you.
  • The Discover tab helps you navigate helpful content and LIFX products.
  • Foundation laid for future releases which will include even more UX advancements

LIFX also announced that it has partnered with Razer to bring the LIFX Chroma Connector to market. It’s an integration that allows users to connect the LIFX range of Smart Lighting products to Razer Chroma devices and enabled games for an immersive experience.

LIFX Marketing Director, Sam Moore has said that

“Credible voices in the smart lighting industry consider LIFX to be the best when it comes to colour reproduction.” and “That’s why the gaming community has been asking for this integration, and why we’re so excited to show off our rich array of billions – not millions – of colours for gamers”.

It will be interesting to find out more about the prices for these new products and when they will be made fully available not only worldwide but also here in Australia.