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Belkin Discontinues Smart IoT Wemo LED Bulbs, LED Starter Kit, Switch and Motion Bundle

Ausdroid has discovered that Belkin's Wemo division discontinued its smart LED bulbs in late 2016. This includes both the individual LED Smart Bulbs, LED Starter Kit, Wemo Switch + Motion bundle and means that once current...

Belkin’s latest on the go charging hardware

There's a lot of on the go charging options on the market which range from offering enough power to top you up for a few hours, to a portable battery capable of charging your...

With Google Assistant, IFTTT and Belkin’s WeMo, I’ve automated my garage door

The smart home has been often promised and typically half delivered, few products exist that deliver you "the package", and to be honest that's still the case today. However, with the right combination of...

Belkin announces support for Google Assistant and Google Home on their WeMo IoT platform

When the Google Home/ Assistant launched many criticised the nascent service for not having enough integration, at least when compared to the Amazon Echo. While this might be the logical comparison, I think it...

You can now buy a Belkin USB-C Car Charger from the Google Store in...

USB-C chargers are still fairly rare, even with more phone supporting the standard. Google has long had wall chargers for sale on the Google Store, but has now added a USB-C Car charger made...

Belkin has launched a USB-C car charger, an industry first

Belkin has announced today what it claims is an industry first, a USB-C car charger using the new USB-PD (Power Delivery) standard which allows the new charger to be compatible with a range of...

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch lets you control and monitor how much your devices cost...

Belkin's WeMo home automation devices have been quietly powering lights, devices and even appliances for a number of years now. They've steadily cornered a good portion of the market with a great product that...

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