Ausdroid has discovered that Belkin’s Wemo division discontinued its smart LED bulbs in late 2016. This includes both the individual LED Smart Bulbs, LED Starter Kit, Wemo Switch + Motion bundle and means that once current stock of these products is depleted, they will no longer make new ones.

Wemo say they aren’t abandoning loyal customers, just making room for newer and better Wemo products.

WeMo say they will:

“Continue to support these products and they will continue to work as normal. Current users of these products will still be able to contact Wemo Support for assistance, and will not see any change as to how they use, program and interact with their bulbs. The only difference is they will not be able to buy new or replacement Wemo versions of these products. Luckily, we have other options available.”

“Wemo LED users will continue to be able to use the Wemo Link to connect other manufacturer’s bulbs and lighting products like those from Osram Sylvania and Cree. Both companies offer bulbs identical to the Wemo LEDs – see here and here – so users will be able to mix and match interchangeably. Osram Sylvania and Cree have been in the lighting game much longer than Wemo, so we actually think relying on their bulbs is better – and cheaper!”

Now we know why WeMo lightbulbs were on sale during late 2016 at deep discounts to previous Australian pricing. If you still want the bulbs and can get them for $15 or so that’s a pretty good deal since they’re rated to last for 23 years at 3 hours usage per day.

It’s good to see an unusually helpful move for a big company with Belkin Wemo suggesting that owners who want compatible extra lightbulbs should get them from Osram and Cree. If you know where to purchase these compatible bulbs in Australia for a reasonable price, or online shipped to Australia for a reasonable price, please let us know in the comments.

Source: Belkin Wemo Note.
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Hey guys, was trying to get some wemo switch but nobody stock it anymore. Contacted Belkin and here is their reply:

This is Morgan of Belkin Customer Service.

We received your request. Please be informed that we no longer manufacture any wemo device and that stores may or may no longer have them in stock. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

For any concerns, please reply to this email.

Thank you.

Belkin Customer Care

Michael Hughes

It would be good if they combined the switch and motion in the same unit.

Reuben Fergusson

From some searching this only applies to the bulbs right? The Insight switch and Maker will continue to be sold? Does anyone know?

Michael Hughes

I think they’re consolidating down to only the light switch (with a new model coming out in the US), Insight and Mini switch. And there lies the problem that Wemo had. The switches were much too big and taking over double power point space. I love my Wemo devices, but only because the switches were connected to the Wemo Motion (which are also being discontinued). Without Motion what is so “Automated” about a switch that goes on and off at a certain time? The bulbs could only be turned on/off via an app, so if you don’t have your phone… Read more »

Reuben Fergusson

Yeah that doesn’t instill faith in the product does it?

However they have recently done Google Home integration and IFTTT. So Ive been using Google Assistant on my phone to control it. Thats great but I agree a little frustrating. The app can also be terribly slow.

Michael Hughes

I just bought 2 Belkin Wemo Switch and Motion packs for $25 each at Bunnings. The last two from Newcastle regional stores.

Neerav Bhatt

Bargain! Well spotted Michael

Michael Hughes

By the way, have you made something with the Maker?

Reuben Fergusson

Not yet. I’m waiting for my Google Home to arrive, I’ll see how the integration works and then I’ll probably do the garage door or something like that.

Have you used it yet?

Michael Hughes

No, I’m not technically proficient enough. For the garage doors I have cameras on them.