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Epson rekindles its campaign to increase public awareness of Arctic warming

With a new campaign focusing on Arctic greening and how companies and consumers can do more to lessen their environmental effects, Epson has maintained its efforts for the second year in a row to...

Epson works to advance sustainability and improve communities

Sydney, 20 September 2022- The COVID-19 virus, which continues to impose restrictions on how we have historically lived, poses a global threat. Yasunori Ogawa, President and Representative Director, CEO of Seiko Epson Corporation, spoke...

Epson releases premium 4K home projector EH-LS12000B

COVID has turbo charged demand for large screen TV's and projectors capable of creating a home cinema experience. To cater for that at the premium end Epson has launched its most advanced home theatre projector...

Epson’s EcoTank printers are so easy to refill, it’s almost fun

  Most people know that when your printer eventually runs out of ink or toner, the wallet is in for some bad news; the trend in recent times with printers has been a fairly cheap...

Working from home pushes Epson’s EcoTank printers into #1 spot, and there’s new ones!

Call me old fashioned, but I like things on paper. As much as reading things on a screen works, sometimes it's nice to be able to have something to hold, leaf through, mark up...

Epson says it’s inkjet piezo printers are much better for climate than laser printers

Epson Australia this week became the first Epson office in the world to announce that Epson globally has joined forces with National Geographic to promote the protection of the worldโ€™s permafrost โ€“ the frozen...

Jimeoin spruiks Epson EcoTank printers – don’t get ripped off by expensive print cartridges!

Look, we know that printers aren't exactly a sexy consumer good in the same way that mobile phones or fast cars are. However, they're something you'll find in most households, and for many years...

Make your own cinema at home with Epson’s new Chromecast built-in EH-TW5700 projector

It's been many months since I've been to the cinemas and I'm not likely to watch a movie at one any time soon. One of your options if you're also in this situation...

Epson has a tiny, portable laser projector – watch your media on any wall,...

If you're in the market for a true portable laser projector, then Epson has got you covered with its new EF-100 range of projectors. Why, might you ask, would you want one of these? These...

Epson’s Moverio Smart Glasses shown off at Melbourne’s Mercedes Me concept store

Formula 1 fans will no doubt be aware that the F1 Grand Prix comes to Australia this weekend, and Epson - a sponsor of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport team - took a few...

Preserving photographic memories with the Epson FastFoto photo scanner and Google Photos

Over my Christmas holiday, I set myself a goal: get all of my parents' photographs into digital form and upload them to Google Photos. Normally, this is something that might be considered biting off...

Is Wireless Printing from an Android Phone Reliable?

I've been testing wireless printing from various Android phones to an Epson ET-M1120 (mono ink tank printer) for the last few weeks and have mostly been very impressed. What I found worked best was printing...

Epson Australia Launch USB-C & HDMI Compatible Moverio BT-35E AR Smart Glasses

Epson Australia have today launched their next-generation Moverio BT-35E augmented reality (AR) smartglasses with a transparent Si-OLED display. At the launch event in Sydney today, an Epson Australia spokesperson told media that prior to the...

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