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IFTTT already offering lifetime pricing guarantee after user outcry

Last week we saw the introduction of a subscription or "pay to play" model with the IFTTT platform. For many users -- myself included -- who like the set and forget setup of...

IFTTT introduces a subscription model for users with more than three applets

IFTTT is one of the best action trigger and logging options on Android. It's been around for a very long time, does its job and does it well. As a result of...

IFTTT integration appearing in Google Assistant

Google Assistant is fast becoming the connected home control centre and with the news from I/O that Google Home is coming to Australia, it is now far more achievable for the average user too. We've...

IFTTT sports a redesigned app with Recipes now called Applets

IFTTT, which re-branded as IF, and now seems to be back to IFTTT again, is one of those online bits of glue that's really helpful for some, and completely confusing to others. Basically it's...

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