Last week we saw the introduction of a subscription or “pay to play” model with the IFTTT platform. For many users — myself included — who like the set and forget setup of these integrations, that creates a problem. Most IFTTT use isn’t critical, but it’s really nice to have but is it nice enough to pay an ongoing subscription for?

The answer to that from IFTTT was the option to subscribe early and reduce your cost for the first 12 months to as low as US$1.99 per month. That left many users uncertain about their future with the platform, thankfully this outcry was listened to.

IFTTT has started to email their users again. This time, noting that if you’re prepared to lock in before October 7th then they’ll honour the price for life. If you’re a heavy user of IFTTT then this could save a lot of headaches finding (or creating) other workflows. But I can’t help but feel that many users who are just in the realm of needing to pay will abandon ship.

With the option to buy in early at a lower price, will you be sticking with IFTTT or seeking alternatives?

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I don’t think they hired an economist to do some price modelling for them. They just put a monthly subscription and multiplied it by the number of users and started to salivate. If smart devices had become standard in all households I could understand that but since that’s not the case it a stupid and very early move that will kill their product. Watch out for new competition very soon.


I’m just getting into the smart home realm, so having to pay a subscription for something manufacturers already pay for is double dipping in my opinion. We pay in the product price and have to pay again. Really IFTTT. Good way to kill off your business model. Just need Google to improve their routine Ai.


I’m just glad they decided to add a subscription service. I want to see their service grow over time. I also only use a couple of IFTTT Applets with a lot of old ones being deleted as assistant related apps have improved, and Android OS locking out access to certain features. I still love my Spotify Applets that automatically add my Spotify Discover Weekly recommended songs, and also all Triple J Hitlist playlist songs (a playlist on Spotify I follow and is managed & updated by Triple J) to an archive playlist. Every few months I cull out the ones… Read more »

Phill Edwards

IFTTT used to be great. But I tried to set up some new recipes recently and found the current UI very confusing and was actually unable to complete what I set out to do.
I would be prepared to pay a one-off price, but I wouldn’t sign up for an ongoing monthly payment, even if it is fixed for life.

Craig Burns

The manufacturers of smart home products pay IFTTT for use of the platform and when I buy these products I do look for the works with IFTTT sticker and generally favour those products, now they will be limited as I can only make 3 recipe’s without a subscription. I will be looking for alternatives now and use IFTTT very little.


I’ve only got two set up, and one triggers so little I doubt I would miss it.