The array of phones in the current market continues to stagger me with prices ranges for all. From stupidly cheap to outrageously expensive, everyone is covered. The Moto G8 falls more towards the cheap range but absolutely punches above its weight. We reviewed it back in May and thought a lot of it for a $300.00 device.

The real highlight of the Motorola G8 is the fact that it just does everything, no real fuss about it. There’s not really any critical features missing from it, but it’s not perfect. For “power users” it’s going to be under-powered in many areas and the lack of some connectivity features may be a deterrent for some. Sadly as a consumer though, if you want more you have to pay for it.

For many users that initial outlay for a device can still be a financial strain, so carriers are offering payment plans. You can split the cost of the device over 12, 24 or 36 months to get the phone you want today and in the case of the G8 – Vodafone has you covered.

If you’re keen for an outright purchase, you can still head to JB Hi-Fi and pick one up for $299.00 off the shelf.

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Paul W

Are those Vodafone payoff the phone plans Prepay or Post pay??