Google Assistant is great, we love Assistant-powered smart speakers and displays, however, they still have a way to go to be as intuitive as they should be. There are many frustrations with the platform, broadcast messages playing out of sync, multiple devices responding and not being able to adjust timers from multiple devices. Well at least one of those are going away today with the ability to stop a timer from any device.

Some users, us included, are now able to say ‘Ok Google, Stop timers” to any Google Home device on a network and have it stop any timers or alarms that are going off. This may sound like a small change, but it’s actually a huge shift in usability for a great feature. I have seen absolute rage from my wife when the lounge speaker responds to a request to turn off the kitchen timer and it doesn’t work.

As usual with new Google features, it’s not clear how this is rolling out, is it a firmware upgrade, a server-side switch, is it a limited trial? Let us know if this is working for you.

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Just say “ok g stop” if nothing is playing on your speaker to stop alarms and timers on any other device.

This has been available for a few weeks.


Yep, working for me.