This year Google have seen a big increase in the amount of people using their Chromebooks for gaming so they’ve decided to capitalise on this with an expansion of their gaming offerings.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find quality games on the Chromebook version of the Play Store and Google have thus introduced a new premium gaming section. At the same time they are now offering perks to some users such as free games or special bundles to aid in the gameplay experience — head over the to see what is waiting for you.

Google also continues to push their streaming gaming platform with a reminder that Chromebook users can get three months of Stadia Pro free. Stadia also allows users to instantly stream and play games such as PUBG and Destiny 2. Unfortunately we are still waiting for access to Stadia here in Australia — maybe in the next incarnation of the NBN, assuming the coalition don’t screw it up again.

Chromebooks also support some gaming controllers with the Stadia controllers, Logitech F710 and F310 controllers compatible. These can be used for any game with support for them, not just Stadia games.

Google are promising more Chromebook updates in the coming months “to make Chromebooks even better for work and play”. We’d like to see Stadia availability for Australians launched at the Made by Google event on October 1 (AEST) — that’s what would make our Chromebooks better.

How about you? What do you want to see updated for Chromebooks?

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Question: How much use will this be, for what is sold retail in Australia?