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NBN provider Launtel says it’s time for wholesale (re) connection charges to go!

Launtel is one of the newer players in the NBN space, despite having been around for a few years. In that short space of time, Launtel has done much to shake up how the NBN...

New NBN plan? Get a free 7 day trial from Launtel, up to 25%...

It's a new month, a new year, and there's always bargains to be found in meeting our daily needs. You can always find a good deal on a new mobile plan, and the same...

Not reaching full Gigabit or 250Mbps NBN speed? Aussie Broadband, Launtel, ASUS, Linksys and...

Whether you're thinking of signing up for an NBN Gigabit 1000/50Mbps or 250/25Mbps plan or have already signed up you should read this advice about how to fix the things stopping you achieving full...

Launtel announce great value gigabit NBN – gigabit downloads for $139.91 per month

Tasmania based NBN provider Launtel has announced that it is launching a new NBN 1000/50 connection option called FastAF priced at $139.91 per month, with minimum download speeds of 400mbps up to 950mbps. Launtel was...

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