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Rumour: Motorola to produce a Nexus in Q4 this year

A new rumour is floating around the internet and it involves two things that I'm a bit of a fan of - Nexus and Motorola. According to a Google+ post from Taylor Wimberly -...

Google could possibly handover mass-production of Glass to Motorola

It seems Motorola could possibly be involved in the production of Googles current pet project - Google Glass - at least according to an article which appeared in the Wall Street Journal last week. During...

Did Motorola fail with the launch of the Moto X – Counterpoint

This post is another point of view to this article : Did Motorola fail with the launch of the Moto X Since Google first announced their purchase of Motorola back in August of 2011, the...

Did Motorola fail with the launch of the Moto X

Remember when Google forked out 12.5 Billion dollars to buy Motorola Mobility? Remember what we all thought? Awesome! Finally a manufacturer who will be able to make Android phones how they should be made....

Motorola Migrate eases the pain of moving to a new phone

Soon after the Motorola Connect Chrome extension launched last night, Motorola launched another companion app called Motorola Migrate. It's an Android app available from Google Play store, aimed at transferring important things like contacts,...

Motorola launches the Moto X

Our long wait for Motorola's first post-Google-acquisition smartphone is finally over. The Moto X was launched a couple of hours ago in New York. Let's take a look. The Moto X story began earlier this...

Rumour: Moto X could launch on US Telco’s next week

The launch of the Moto X is all anyone seems interested in these days and with the launch set for the 1st of August in the US, there could be good news for those...

Rumour: Moto X in testing with Telstra, could end up in Australia after all

Way back in March we had a source at Motorola inform us that Motorola would not be bringing one of the most anticipated phones ever to Australian shores, after Telstra passed on it. Since...

Job listing suggesting that Motorola might begin working on wearable devices

It seems that Motorola - and by extension Google - might be looking to produce a followup to the MotoActv, or join the rest of the tech world in producing a smart watch, if...

First Press shots for the Motorola Moto X and what could be inside

Motorola get points for keeping the Moto X at the forefront of the news, seemingly strategically leaking tidbits here and there so that there's always something out there for people to see. This latest...

Google by the numbers – Q2 earnings report

Yesterday, Google announced their Q2 earning report. The numbers look fairly good from the outset, however it proved to be less than what investors were looking for so the share price fell a little...

Moto X to be launched on August 1st in New York

The worst kept secret in the mobile industry the Motorola Moto X is due to be announced at an event in New York. The invite has been sent out to US sites indicating a...

Motorola Moto X being released in August in Black and White – Always on...

A video from Toronto, Canada based Rogers Wireless has appeared on Google+ user Дима Прокопенко page and shows off the long awaited Motorola Moto X. The video also shows off the always on voice...

Eric Schmidt Steps Out, Moto X in Tow

The cat is out of the bag most definitely now.  We have seem so many unofficial leaks of the Moto X, as well as a few official leaks from Motorola themselves but today there...

Moto X won’t be unveiled at July 11 event

While it was rumoured that on July 11th Motorola would unveil the new Moto X, Google has stepped in to squash those rumours, telling Android Police that a select 50 or so 'friends' of...

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