Moto X

Motorola’s decision to not bring the new Moto X to Australia has not been popular, but for those of you who still want to get your hands on Motorola’s latest beast, Mobicity have advised that they are now stocking the 16 GB Moto X in either black or white for $869.95.

As the Moto X is only available in the US, the model being sold by Mobicity bears AT&T branding and is not compatible with any of the LTE networks used in Australia, so if you’re considering buying this phone, be aware of this limitation. It does support 850, 900 and 2100 MHz 3G networks so if you’re not bothered by the lack of LTE, it will work on all on 3G on all three carriers.

Source: Mobicity.
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Robert Velasquez

Are we talking Australian dollars or US. Currency…?

Daniel Tyson

That was the Australian price back in September last year when this story was posted. The Moto X is currently available for $439.95 from Yatango (What Mobicity is now called) or from JB Hifi for around $398.


Total rip off. Not on the part of Motorola, but of the Australian re-sellers. As usual, we’re being taken for ride here. Dont waste our money. The Moto X is a great phone and my cousin in the USA loves his, but it’s not worth what the Australian resellers are trying to flog it for. Buy the NEXUS 4 while it’s cheap from PlayStore. Or even better, wait for the NEXUS 5 to come out this month. Don’t buy anything from Australian resellers. They’re just stealing your money. Buy on-line.



Nexus 4?

Faster processor. More ram (or equal).

And like… over $500 cheaper??


Mobicity is know for having stupid and unreasonable pricing … fuckin ripp offs


Given the current price for a Nexus 4, which also has no LTE, you’d have to be insane to pay almost $900 for a Moto X, no?


Bring on the Nexus 5!


They’re selling the LG G2 for $849.95 yet they went $869.95 for this?? Fuck off.


$869 for no LTE/4G and no customisation? You’d have to be insane to even consider this.


And quite possibly drunk.


I wouldn’t believe Mobicity for one second about having it on stock. I ordered a Nvidia Shield after seeing a similar article 2 weeks ago. My order still hasn’t left the warehouse.


Think I’ll pass on that one.


>Buy Nexus 4.

Alexei Watson

Wait approx 1 month and buy nexus 5. win even more!


Double win…ludicrous pricing!

Sean Royce

>Green texting on here.



Sean Royce

I’ve never had any issues with Mobicity. Always been fine for me.

Joshua Hill

I think they were talking about the price being a ‘rip off’.

vijay alapati

Expensive but exclusive

Mike Stevens

Good news that it can now be bought, but $870 and no LTE is something I’ll be passing on. Easier to just wait until it either lands in Australia (Telstra is of course rumoured to be getting it), or one of Motorola’s other upcoming ‘X’ models debuts.

If Mobicity sells even one at that price, it’d have to be a ‘more money than sense’ kinda transaction, surely.


that’s a bit expensive for that device