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NVIDIA previews ‘Glowball’ game on quad-core Project Kal-El CPU

What do you do when you're the designer and manufacturer of an upcoming quad-core CPU that's capable of blowing every current device out of the water? You taunt the competition and consumers with it,...

LG Optimus 3D: Dual Core, Dual Channel, Dual Memory & Dual Cameras

LG wants to make it very clear to prospective buyers, that the LG Optimus 3D is going to kick its competitors butts when it comes to dual core speed. Not only is this bad...

NVIDIA Tegra 3 to bring Quad-Cores to our beloved devices in 2012

NVIDIA's Tegra Roadmap for 2011 has leaked out and has excited everybody. With Tegra 2 the current powerhouse in the Android Tablet and Phone space, Tegra 2.5 and 3 look to blow it out...

Latest Flash 10.1 update not for use on Tegra 2 powered devices

Adobe have made it abundantly clear that the current version of Flash 10.1 available in the Android Market is not for use on Tegra 2 powered devices. So if you currently own a Tegra...

Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’ to be released in March?

I think it's about time we start firing up the rumour mill once again, don't you? This time we've got a supposed release date for Android 3.0 or 'Honeycomb' which sounds far more inviting....

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