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Latest figures from Ookla Speedtest shows some service improvement in the last week

Since the lockdown began we've seen a lot of data around how our broadband services are holding up. Initially -- and frankly, as expected -- the latency on both fixed and mobile connections...

Ookla’s data shows that Australian broadband services are currently holding strong

There's so much going on in the world on a daily basis, but one constant and consistent issue is the COVID-19 pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of people directly impacted and millions more indirectly....

Another week in, data shows broadband services are feeling the pressure

A week ago, we saw data that Australia's fixed broadband was holding up under changing conditions. Mobile services weren't doing quite as well, but were still relatively functional. The update to that...

Ookla Speedtest shows Australia’s Internet services holding up as COVID-19 hits

Ookla has provided independent insight into how various services in Australia and overseas perform. A current and very real issue we are facing is the consistency - or lack of - from our internet...

When speed data shows Australia’s fixed broadband ranks 64th globally, how can the NBN...

Many Australians think the NBN is a bit of a disappointment speed-wise, but there's a big difference between having a bit of a whinge and having some data to back it up. One of the...

Off-topic: There’s now a cross platform command line interface for speedtest

Speedtest by Ookla is one of the most popular ways to check if your Internet connection is up to par, as well as the throughput capacity of your devices. For some time there...

ICYMI: Ookla 5G map now shows pre-release towers in testing

In the middle of last month, Ookla - The company behind Speedtest - released a 5G availability map which is a useful tool to users wondering if they're going to see benefit from upgrading. There's...

Ookla Speedtest launches 5G availability map

Ookla is the company behind the widely used speedtest.net where users go to diagnose potential network throughput issues and brag to their friends about actually having good internet speeds (although in Australia that's pretty...

Speedtest by Ookla updated with 1Gbps option for measuring 5G connections

For the average consumer, mobile network speed probably doesn't matter that much - it just works. However, if you're trying to download something large, back up your photos on the go, or you just...

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