A week ago, we saw data that Australia’s fixed broadband was holding up under changing conditions. Mobile services weren’t doing quite as well, but were still relatively functional. The update to that data from Ookla shows that Australia’s broadband services are now feeling the pressure.

The updated data on Ookla’s page to track the impact of COVID-19 on global speeds is now showing a marked change. Users are seeing a decrease in average speeds across Australia and, as a result, an increase in latency. Understandably with users wanting to keep an eye on their Internet performance, there is a continued increase in testing seen as well.

March 30, 2020: Mean download speed over fixed broadband fell slightly in Australia during the week of March 23. Mean download speed over mobile continued to decline in Australia during the week of March 23 to the lowest-performing week in Australia of 2020.

Fixed and mobile services are still delivering functional data flow based on averages. There is a clear degradation being seen and with more people working from home, we’re likely to see further drops.

What impacts have you seen from the migration of the Australian workforce to Work from home?

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Gary B

Aussie Broadband still working great for me. FTTP 100/40. No issues at all. Been working from home for many years and AussieBB are great. Been with them for 12 months and super happy. No problems with Webex, Jabber, FaceTime, Duo.


Not noticed any issues on 100/40 FTTC with Aussie BB. Did an ~50 virtual drinks at work with WebEx teams and saw no issues.

My employer did not skimp on VPN infrastructure either so it’s been great.