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Sensibo Elements is a great way to monitor your home air quality

Sensibo hardware is an excellent way to make your air conditioner smart. It gives you the capability to control and monitor your home aircon via app, or via your chosen smart assistant. The Sensibo...

Sensibo AirQ takes smart AC controller to a new level with a built-in air...

Back in 2018, we took a look at the original Sensibo Sky Controller, a great way to make your AC smart and save money. As time goes on, though, users' wants and expectations of...

If you’re planning a smart home, learn from my mistakes: Do it with purpose!

So it’s 2021 and there’s a lot of technology that’s available to make your life easier, safer or better. Planning your smart home can be a bit of a rocky road with bumps and...

Stay cool with Sensibo’s Air Conditioner Controller on sale at a hot price

The Sensibo air conditioning controller is currently going for a really hot price on the company's website. Bursting onto the scene as a way to make a standard home (remote controlled of course...) unit...

Sensibo Sky air conditioning controller is on sale for $139 at JB HiFi

The Sensibo Sky air conditioning controller is a godsend. For those who live in Australia's increasingly hot and unpredictable cities, being able to remotely control your air conditioning is an essential skill. Better yet,...

Sensibo Sky lets you control your Air Conditioner via Google Assistant (or Alexa) —...

Since the launch of products like the Amazon Echo and then the Google Home we’ve seen an explosion of Internet of Thing (IoT) devices. It turns out that voice was the interface that Home...

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