Sensibo hardware is an excellent way to make your air conditioner smart. It gives you the capability to control and monitor your home aircon via app, or via your chosen smart assistant.

The Sensibo Elements takes that a step further with indoor air quality monitoring with monitoring metrics that include:

  • CO2 – a common cause for headaches and fatigue/lethargy
  • Humidity – a common cause for mould and a variety of illnesses
  • Ethanol – a common item in household cleaning products
  • PM2.5 – fine particles in the air such as dust, dirt, pollen and other pollutants
  • Temperature – allowing automated climate control, even from a simple A/C unit

With all of the metrics around the air quality in your building, Sensibo Elements is able to provide alerts about air quality. Not only this but it also has tips on how to improve air quality in your space. That’s really important given the connected, largely indoor and sedentary lifestyle many of us live.

Common use items like scented candles, cleaning products and when we open up our homes and offices, dust and pollen all have the potential to affect our health. The Elements can combine with other Sensibo devices to detect issues with air quality, alert the user and take action by activating the Sensibo Pure or your Aircon via a Sensibo Sky controller.

The Sensibo Elements is currently on special at a cost of $279.00 via the site, and if you want to combine it with a Sensibo Pure; that’s a further $259.00. Having recently had the chance to see first hand, the benefits of air purification in my home, I’d encourage users who want to have air quality monitoring and purification to take a closer look at this.