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I want my rideshare taxi driver to be COVID vaccinated, so far only 13Cabs...

During normal times when Sydney isn't in lockdown due to surging COVID numbers I have to catch a rideshare or taxi home in the evening once a week. So I was recently wondering if any...

Tested: DiDi Express always cheaper than UberX rideshare in Sydney

After being at home for much of 2020 during 2021 I've been travelling around Sydney more and when I'm in a rush or public transport isn't convenient at night I've been catching rideshare cars. My...

DiDi Rideshare drives into Sydney from March 16

DIDi rideshare is finally launching in Sydney on March 16th 2020. To try and entice lots of Sydneysiders to try the app and provide plenty of rides for their drivers DiDi is offering early bird...

NSW to Trial Digital Opal Card To Pay for Public Transport, Taxis and Ride...

New South Wales will trial a digital Opal card saved in your phone or wearable device during 2020, according to information leaked to the Sydney Morning Herald. The trial will enable participants to pay...

Uber is now able to tap into Sydney’s public transport network

Transport for NSW has announced that share riding platform, Uber, will now be able to tap into and provide information on Sydney’s Public Transport systems, which include Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink, Ferries, Buses and...

Amazon Alexa Skills – what skills are available here in Australia

Amazon Alexa has finally launched in Australia this week, with consumers now able to purchase Amazon’s Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus either through the internet shopping giant directly or through local bricks and...

Uber app gains Android Wear functionality

Android Wear 2.0 was announced just over a week ago and we are already seeing developers begin to release their apps for it. Uber is one of the first to update their app...

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