DIDi rideshare is finally launching in Sydney on March 16th 2020.

To try and entice lots of Sydneysiders to try the app and provide plenty of rides for their drivers DiDi is offering early bird Sydney signups 50% off up to 4 trips ever day (max $10/trip) from 16th March to 16th April.

Also if you refer friends and family to join DiDi you get $20 credit after they take their first trip, for which they also get $20 credit.

Since launching in Geelong Victoria almost two years ago, DiDi has expanded it’s Australian operations to include Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Perth.

DiDi is a formidable player in the rideshare market having successfully forced Uber out of China.

As part of an aggressive move to win over Sydney rideshare drivers away from Uber Australia and Ola Australia DiDi is using this sales pitch:

“0% Services Fee for the first 4 weeks. DiDi is the rideshare that leaves you with more in your tank. Stop paying 27.5% of every ride. Take home more on each ride with DiDi’s low services fee”.

It’s always good to have more competition in markets where one player like Uber is extremely dominant, so hopefully the DiDi app provides Sydney commuters with a good quality service at a reasonable price.

Have you tried DiDi in other cities? Please let us know your experience in the comments.

DiDi Rider: Affordable rides
DiDi Rider: Affordable rides
Developer: DiDi Global
Price: Free
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Of course the one thing you aren’t telling people there is, that this is yet another way of channeling Australian dollars to a Chinese based company.