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Woolworths Expands Scan & Go to 6 NSW Metro Stores: 25% Discount til 30...

If you don't like how slow supermarket check outs are then Woolworths expanded trial of their Scan & Go app should interest you. Scan & Go has been trialed at the Woolworths Double Bay...

2000 ($10) Woolworths Rewards per $50 Google Play Gift Card til 11 Dec 2018

Many in the Ausdroid community will be aiming to save money on Christmas gifts and also pre-paying your Google Music subscription for a while. Woolworths has made that easy with their current Google Play...

Woolworths giving away a host of Google Prizes and it is simple to enter

A while ago Woolworths gave us the ability to add their Rewards card to Google Pay -- one less card to carry in the real world wallet. Woolworths sent out reminders to everyone...

Woolies Rewards member can get bonus points for simply purchasing a Google Play Gift...

If you're a Woolworths Everyday Rewards member, (and after the Google Home Mini giveaway most of us are) then you can get some additional bonus points simply by purchasing a Google Play Gift Card...

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