If you don’t like how slow supermarket check outs are then Woolworths expanded trial of their Scan & Go app should interest you. Scan & Go has been trialed at the Woolworths Double Bay Sydney store for several months now.

Today they’ve expanded the trial to 6 stores near the Sydney CBD and to make beta testing their app attractive they’re offering 25% Discount for purchases made through the app til 30 Sept 2019.

Basically you scan each item that you take off the shelf as you go using the app, you pay using the app with a pre-saved credit or debit card and then skip the checkout queue and head to the dedicated scan and go check out, where you can scan the QR code on your screen and follow the prompts to be able to leave the store quickly.

Woolworths Scan&Go is available at the following stores:

  • Woolworths Double Bay
    1 Kiaora Ln,
    Double Bay NSW 2028
  • Woolworths Metro Pitt Street
    185 Pitt St,
    Sydney NSW 2000
  • Woolworths Mona Vale
    25-29 Park St,
    Mona Vale NSW 2103
  • Woolworths Metcentre
    60 Margaret St,
    Sydney NSW 2000
  • Woolworths Metro George Street
    333 George St,
    Sydney NSW 2000
  • Woolworths Metro York Street
    65 York St,
    Sydney NSW 2000
Woolworths Scan&Go
Woolworths Scan&Go
Developer: Woolworths Group
Price: To be announced

There are some terms and conditions you need to be aware of, firstly only Woolworths reward customers can use the Scan & Go app. If you hate loyalty card schemes then you can’t use the app.

Items up to a total amount of $250 in supermarkets and $50 in Metros can be purchased within the Scan & Go app.
Some items including Gift cards, SIM cards, tobacco can’t be scanned using the Scan&Go app so you need to go to a human checkout for those.

Your experience will go a lot faster if you download the scan and go app beforehand, login with your Woolworths rewards username and password and save your credit or debit card details in there before you get to the store.

In terms of tech requirements your phone needs an internet connection, Bluetooth and Location Services enabled to use Scan&Go. If using an Android phone it needs to be version 5.0 of higher. If iPhone it needs to be iOS 10 or newer.

The app requiring internet access could cause complications because at least at my local Woolworths store there is no mobile reception towards the back of the store with Telstra or Optus or Vodafone. The only way to get Internet access at that part of the store would be to use Woolworths free Wi-Fi.

You can download the Scan&Go app for Android or Apple.

If you try it please let us know how well (or not) it works in the comments.

Source: Ozbargain.
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Have been using this in Metcentre Sydney for the past few weeks. Works well and helps skip the queue (for now) since there are very few users for this. No lag and any discount on items is reflected correctly in the app.


Goodbye entry level jobs for students, immigrants, people with lower IQ’s and people with disabilities.

Also, “loyalty card scheme” = data harvesting scam. No thanks.

The only reason you would need Bluetooth enabled is so they can track you around the store, unless there is another reason?

Daniel Narbett

Heh, that actually sounds useful, will try it when/if it comes to Victoria


I lived in Sweden for a few years, there they also have hand held scanners, it tells you how much your going to spend and also when items are on multi buy… No line at cashier, just swipe your card and pay… And the odd random check

I’m a coles shopper, bring this to Melbourne and I’m switching to Woolies…

10 points to Woolies for getting with the times!!