If you’re a Woolworths Everyday Rewards member, (and after the Google Home Mini giveaway most of us are) then you can get some additional bonus points simply by purchasing a Google Play Gift Card this week.

In the Woolworths catalogue starting Wednesday 3rd January 2018, for one week only (or until stock lasts), the supermarket is offering the following bonus points depending on what value Google Play Gift Card your after and purchase. The bonus points are based as follows:

This bonus points for Woolies Rewards members is only for a week, so head in to your local Woolies and grab one. You can find your local Woolworths store here.

Source: Woolworths Specials Catalogue - Starting Wednesday 3rd Jan for 1 week.
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I hate everyday rewards, never going to sign up to it.

Dennis Bareis

Minor discount, but if you can buy these with a wish card also bought at discount…

Paul Snedden

Buy two $20 gift cards to get 1000 bonus points (instead of a $50 card) OR buy a $20 and $30 to get 1100 points.

Someone at Woolies needs to do some maths.


I’m 100% sure this is intentional.

Paul Snedden

Yeah but why?


People spend more at Woolworths and get less points. Most people would not do the maths, get the $50 one instead of a 20 and 30 etc.

Geoff Stewart

Yep, I didn’t notice till it was pointed out.