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Good Deal: Foxtel Now Box reduced to $49 through JB Hi-Fi

If you’re looking to turn your TV into a smart TV without spending big bucks, you might be in luck with JB Hi-Fi reducing the price of the Foxtel Now Android TV smart box...

Foxtel confirms Disney+ is available for Foxtel Now Box

For Foxtel Now Box owners it's a week of plenty, first the long-awaited arrival of Netflix on the device. And now solid confirmation that Disney+ is available on Foxtel's Android TV-powered set-top box. For current...

The Foxtel Now Box finally ♥ Netflix; rolling out in the coming weeks

A long time ago in a country very very close a pay-TV provider and Netflix didn't get along. Now though, they're best of friends with Foxtel recently adding a Netflix app on their IQ3/IQ4...

Cheap Android TV: Get the Foxtel Now box for $56 from the eBay store

Foxtel has reduced its Android TV streaming device, the Foxtel Now Box, to $56 through its eBay store. The deal includes free delivery (in 4-5 business days). Given Foxtel never worked out how to bring...

Foxtel Now Box Review – Android TV for $99, but without Netflix

The Foxtel Now Box is another new 4K streaming device that wants you to make it your main viewing device. It's a $100 box that streams (unsurprisingly) Foxtel Now and a number of other...

Foxtel’s $99 Foxtel Now Box goes on sale this Friday – it’s running Android...

Foxtel today launched its Android TV streaming device, the Foxtel Now Box. Formerly nicknamed "the puck" for its interesting shape, the device goes on sale this week direct from the Foxtel Now website, with...

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