For Foxtel Now Box owners it’s a week of plenty, first the long-awaited arrival of Netflix on the device. And now solid confirmation that Disney+ is available on Foxtel’s Android TV-powered set-top box.

For current owners of the device who wanted Disney’s new streaming service on the Foxtel Now Box, this is likely old news. However, if you were looking at now getting a new Foxtel Now Box with Netflix and wanted to know if Disney+ was going to be there, worry not – it is.

This isn’t a sideload either, this is a Google Play download. Push it from the web or download it on Android TV itself.

Here’s a helpful hint: sign in on either a Chrome browser or an Android device first. Doing this will add it to Google’s automatic authentication system, and make the Android TV sign-in process far less hassle.

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Taleim Edwards

Still waiting for Amazon Prime video though!


Although unrelated to Disney+ now being available on the Foxtel Now box, I can only assume Netflix isn’t far off officially (considering if you sideload the application it also generates a Netflix ESN specific for a Foxtel Now Android TV device), as the remote pictured is different than the current remote, with both an apps button and a Netflix specific button.