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Foxtel Now brings Closed Captions to Chrome and Safari browsers & iOS apps – Android coming some time

Foxtel has today announced that they have begun making their content more accessible adding closed captions to their Foxtel Now streaming service. Foxtel will offer closed captions on ‘selected programming’ to Foxtel Now, live and On Demand customers viewing content on their computers using Chrome and Safari browsers as well …

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Foxtel’s $99 Foxtel Now Box goes on sale this Friday – it’s running Android TV and has 4K Chromecast built-in

Foxtel today launched its Android TV streaming device, the Foxtel Now Box. Formerly nicknamed “the puck” for its interesting shape, the device goes on sale this week direct from the Foxtel Now website, with retail sales to follow soon after. First announced to the world at Foxtel’s event earlier this …

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