You would think that Netflix would want their service to be available on every single device possible but they maintain tight control over just which devices are supported — likely due to wanting to ensure user experiences are up to scratch. A couple of glaring omissions we have seen were the Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max.

Both of these devices can play YouTube until the cows come home but until now have been unable to play Netflix. Starting today Netflix is available on both the Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max. It’s not just Netflix though; Australian icons Foxtel and Stan are also coming directly to your Home Hub gear.

Service availability is rolling out and to link you Netflix service to your Nest Hub all you have to do is head into your Google Home app and link your account just as you would for music services (hint: it’s in the Google Assistant settings under video services).

Once you have the service linked all you need to do to start a show is to tell/ask Google Assistant to do so. If you do not know exactly what you want to watch you can also ask your Assistant to open Netflix to scroll through recommended content and start watching with a simple tap.

“Hey Google, play Queer Eye”

“Hey Google, open Netflix”

Assistant can also be used to pause, play or skip forwards if your hands are busy — or if you are just lazy like me. The Netflix control also supports the quick gestures available on the Nest Hub Max.

Casting to these Nest devices will also work from the Netflix app on your phone, making it easy to get going or just switch from one device to another.

The Nest Hub Max can be purchased from the Google Store or your local retailer for $349. You will find the Nest Hub at both of these places as well and is currently on sale for just $99.

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“Sorry, Netflix can’t be played on smart displays”.

That’s the message from my Nest Hub Max.


So far, I’ve seen a whole bunch of articles claiming Netflix is now available on Hub, but all I get is “Sorry, Netflix can’t be played on smart displays”. I wonder what the source for this rumour is?


The rollout must be a little bumpy. I can cast Netflix from my phone to my Nest Hub Max, but a direct voice command to open Netflix gets me that “Sorry…” message above. Trying to open Foxtel requires a Premium subscription, at least when I just tried it.

Matt Edwards

What! Has been available for over a year. I’ve been playing stuff on Stan on my Home Hub since I first got it in 2019???


I didn’t have Netflix as a target this morning (OG Home Hub) but it’s here now. Stan has always worked though?


Yeah, Stan/Foxtel have always worked. The new features/availability is the ability to watch Netflix on Home Hub devices

Phillip Malone

Must be rolling out slowly as not available on my device just yet.