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Give Dad the gift of Google this Fathers day

There have been plenty of specials available in the lead up to Fathers day this year. Google too, is offering quite a range of their hardware for a discounted price. Everything from the Nest...

Fuchsia bug on Nest Hubs pauses all network media

Sometimes bugs are barely more than an annoyance, but a new bug on the original Nest Hub is next level. If you've got an original Nest Hub that has been upgraded to Fuchsia,...

How to tell if your Nest Hub is running Fuchsia OS

As Fuchsia OS rolls out to Nest Hub devices, there isn't a noticeable difference in daily function which is impressive. One of the reasons that this is so impressive is that it's a...

Alexa vs Assistant: Week 2 – Daily use experience, the same but different

Welcome to week two of our Alexa vs Assitant series and since last week, we’ve delved deeper into the similar, but contrasting worlds. This week we’ve taken a focus on the day to...

Alexa Vs Assistant: Week 1 – The state of play

The connected world is a wonderful place, but it’s not a single solution world. Last week we took a look at the brand new Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) which highlighted some really...

Reviewed: Google Nest Hub 2 sets the standard for small smart displays

This review was written jointly by Duncan who tested the new Sleep Tracking functionality and Neerav who covered Unboxing Setup and General usage. The Nest Hub Gen 2 from the outside is remarkably similar to...

Pick up a Google Nest Hub (Gen 2) in Australia now

After the announcement of the updated Nest Hub earlier this month, and the opening of pre-orders Australians can now buy the devices from today. For those who pre-ordered you can either go pick up...

Grab an origional Nest Hub for $99 until stock runs out

Hot on the tail of Google releasing the 2nd generation Nest Hub, that admittedly includes a lot of desirable features, most electrical retails are selling out the old stock at a pretty good discount....

Google announces the new Nest Hub, with improved audio, CHIP radio and sleep tracking

When Google released the first Google Home Hub in October of 2018 they brought their own take to the Smart Display market. Fast forward to today and Google has announced the second generation of...

Grab the Google Nest Hub and Nest Mini for a bargain price

There are so many tech offerings at this time of year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While there is a lot that gets skimmed over, Google bargains are generally going to rate...

[Good Deal] Nest Hub for $99 just in time for Fathers day

If you're steadily building yourself a connected or "smart" home then you're most likely engaged with a smart assistant. If your assistance of choice is Google, then there's a special that may interest...

Google Nest looking to bring a smart display to your hotel room

Last year Google introduced Interpreter Mode for smart displays in hotel lobbies. Unfortunately since then the world has taken a turn for the worse and as Australians it may be a while before...

Netflix, Foxtel and Stan arrive on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max in Australia

You would think that Netflix would want their service to be available on every single device possible but they maintain tight control over just which devices are supported -- likely due to wanting to...

“OK Google” sensitivity now widely available for most speakers

A week ago we reported on Google's announcement that they would be soon introducing the ability to fine tune your Google hotword sensitivity. The good news is that it is here and works...

Sonos speakers can now be your default Nest Home playback target

There has been some coverage of the Sonos and Google relationship in the media lately. The streaming speaker giant is suing Google for patent infringement. That aside, their joint customer delivery continues to strengthen...

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