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Grab the Google Nest Hub and Nest Mini for a bargain price

There are so many tech offerings at this time of year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While there is a lot that gets skimmed over, Google bargains are generally going to rate...

[Good Deal] Nest Hub for $99 just in time for Fathers day

If you're steadily building yourself a connected or "smart" home then you're most likely engaged with a smart assistant. If your assistance of choice is Google, then there's a special that may interest...

Google Nest looking to bring a smart display to your hotel room

Last year Google introduced Interpreter Mode for smart displays in hotel lobbies. Unfortunately since then the world has taken a turn for the worse and as Australians it may be a while before...

Netflix, Foxtel and Stan arrive on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max in Australia

You would think that Netflix would want their service to be available on every single device possible but they maintain tight control over just which devices are supported -- likely due to wanting to...

“OK Google” sensitivity now widely available for most speakers

A week ago we reported on Google's announcement that they would be soon introducing the ability to fine tune your Google hotword sensitivity. The good news is that it is here and works...

Sonos speakers can now be your default Nest Home playback target

There has been some coverage of the Sonos and Google relationship in the media lately. The streaming speaker giant is suing Google for patent infringement. That aside, their joint customer delivery continues to strengthen...

Nest hubs now have a new media playback dashboard

One of the things I love about having a Nest hub easily accessible in my home is the control for media. Possibly because my kids love playing annoying music at an obnoxious volume....

ICYMI: Nest Speakers and Hubs have accessibility features for vision impaired users

Over the past 12 months, we have seen a continual growth of accessibility features added to Android and Google Services. Live transcribe has brought users with hearing impairment better engagement in social settings....

Google pulls the plug on Xiaomi’s Mi Home integration with Assistant

A lot of people are very concerned, and rightly so, with others getting access to their home security camera and now that has eventuated, and not by using insecure passwords. A user who...

Photos are starting to show dates on Google Nest displays

Google’s smart displays are continuing to grow in popularity, with new features and new models offered over the last year or two. Smart displays offer a lot of functions that can be accessed with...

Spotify brings lyrics for some songs to smart displays

Spotify seems set to follow (in part at least) in the footsteps of the Google Play Music platform on smart displays, rolling out function to display song lyrics and the stories behind the songs. The...

Control the photos your Smart Display is showing from your Google Photos app

Smart Displays is something Google has focused on in recent times and for most who have one it's a great way to look at pictures of times gone past. Now you can easily...

Google confirms it doesn’t store your voice recordings by default

Conspiracy theorists have regularly posed the question of what Google is doing with your voice data from Assistant. Theories range from "always listening" through "spying on you" to "targeting advertising" but Google is answering...

Bunnings has a great price match special on Google’s Charcoal Nest Hub (formerly Home...

One of the great thing about major online retailers having a sale (*ahem* Amazon Prime Day and the eBay sales) is that there are a few bricks and mortar retailers who'll price match. There's...

Character alarms are cool, but (disappointingly) not available in Australia

Google has announced that character alarms are now available on Assistant driven smart displays after a short stint being only available on smart speakers. Unfortunately only in selected regions (US and Canada for now)...

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