There have been plenty of specials available in the lead up to Fathers day this year. Google too, is offering quite a range of their hardware for a discounted price.

Everything from the Nest Mini at $49.00 through to the Nest Hub Max at $249.00 is discounted.

If the Max is a bit too much screen for your taste or space, the second generation Nest Hub is down to $99.00 which is well worth the money. If you’re not ready to move to a smart screen but are ready for an audio update then the Nest Audio really fits, this too is down to $99.00.

The Nest Mini (which is regularly discounted) is down to the usual discounted price of $49.00 which really is a no-brainer to expand the Assistant footprint in your house. All of the Nest equipment mentioned is discounted and available on the Google Store as well as across the usual range of retail outlets.