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Give Dad the gift of Google this Fathers day

There have been plenty of specials available in the lead up to Fathers day this year. Google too, is offering quite a range of their hardware for a discounted price. Everything from the Nest...

[Great Deal] Google Nest Audio for $114.00

When we took a look at the Nest Audio one thing stood out, Google has finally taken the audio component of smart speakers seriously. The price wasn't bad for what you're getting and...

[Good Deal] JB Hi-Fi has the new Google Nest Audio speakers on sale at...

The Google Nest Audio made quite a splash when it landed just a couple of months ago. We weren't alone in our thoughts that this is the best sounding (shy of the super expensive...

The Nest Audio one month later, has the shine worn off?

One thing that really leaps out to many users when using Google Home and Nest products is the sound disparity. Originally, the Google Home speakers weren't really intended as a playback medium but...

Google Nest Audio Review — Consolidating the look with a massive sound upgrade

We got our first official look at the latest batch of gear from Google last week in a very short overnight event. We’ve seen new Pixel phones, a new Chromecast, the rebranding of...

Where to buy everything Google announced today

Google held its Launch Night In event this morning and released exactly what we were expecting, two new Pixel phones the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, a new Google Chromecast with Google TV...

Google’s newest Assistant-powered smart speaker is here: say hello to the Nest Audio

After literally being leaked in its entirety thanks to some overzealous US shelf-stockers, today we got our first official look at Google's latest Google Assistant-enabled speaker, the Nest Audio. This is Google's better-quality speaker,...

Whoops, the unannounced Google hardware has been spotted on shelves in America

It's always fascinating times leading into hardware releases, particularly with the quality of the leaks these days. Just last week we saw the first images of the Nest Audio, now we're seeing actual...

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