Sometimes bugs are barely more than an annoyance, but a new bug on the original Nest Hub is next level. If you’ve got an original Nest Hub that has been upgraded to Fuchsia, there’s a new one. The bug pauses all network media on Google devices if your Nest Hub opens a camera feed from a Nest Camera. This extends to any Google and Chromecast compatible devices.

In our brief test it seems that the devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network. There is also consistency in that, attempting to restart the media will not work – it will pause again instantly. The only way to resume playback is for the camera feed to be stopped.

Now, it makese sense that this could or perhaps should occur when you consider the release of the Google Doorbell. When the Doorbell is pressed, you’ll get notification on your chosen devices and the video feed will start on your Nest Hub.

So it’s a way to ensure your attention is given to the doorbell. If you’re manually starting a camera feed to watch your kids in the yard, that will quickly become annoying. While it’s likely not the intended network wide intrusion and some tweaking is required, there are probably going to be more changes coming.