An incidental swipe on my first-generation Nest Hub revealed the app launcher has arrived. Exactly when the update occurred isn’t clear, but the fact that this is a feature previously available on the Nest Hub Max suggests it is very new.

There are a number of apps in the launcher that makes the Google Nest Hub even more useful. It allows you to access apps quickly and navigate within them far easier than some of the voice responses available. Bringing a look, similar to that of Android Auto to your desk or living area continued the unification of the Google ecosystem. Making it simpler to transfer between devices in your home, or on the move.

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Oh, finally! I’ll have to give it a go later. The google assistant is so hit and miss, I’ve taken to using my phone to cast stuff to my nest hub without even bothering to use the voice assistant half the time. There is nothing more frustrating than repeating a request to the hub 3 times and having it open the wrong app, before giving up and having to go and get my phone.