Hot on the tail of Google releasing the 2nd generation Nest Hub, that admittedly includes a lot of desirable features, most electrical retails are selling out the old stock at a pretty good discount. All retailers seem to have it for around $98 – $99, and depending o the chain you might be limited to stock on the shelves.

We did a bit of a scan today and many stores are already sold out, and at this price we expect that to accelerate. If you have no intention of using the Nest Hub on your beside to get the most out of that Soli sensor then the original Nest Hub is still a great choice. Here’s who still had stock at the time of writing:

Google Store – Sold Out
The Good Guys – Charcol & Chalk
JB HiFi – Charcoal, Aqua, Sand & Chalk.
Office Works – Charcoal only