Foxtel has announced it will soon launch a new 24/7 news streaming service called “Flash” featuring more than 20 local and global live news sources at launch. Pricing is not yet confirmed but the Australian says expect it to be about $10/month.

To be launched in October, Flash will provide a new way for Australians to stay
informed by bringing together a diverse range of local and global television news sources
live and on demand.

One low cost competitor is the Fetch Knowledge Pack priced at $6 a month if you already own or rent a Fetch box. While it doesn’t have quite so many news channels as Flash will have, Fetch Knowledge Pack does have informative channels as well as news, plus you could argue that not having Fox News and Sky News is a plus considering some of the dodgy content they have eg Covid denial and dangerous “cure” recommendations.

Flash is the 3rd standalone streaming service Foxtel has launched across 3 years, after Kayo and Binge. It’s almost like they’re creating a collection of themed streaming services so Aussies can choose whichever one or more of them that they want.

Foxtel Group CEO, Patrick Delany, said:

“These new streaming products are driving rapid growth in subscribers and revenue as we diversify our portfolio of entertainment brands and reinvent the Foxtel Group as Australia’s most dynamic streaming company”.

“The number of Australian households with a streaming service is forecast to grow by almost 20% in the next four years, reaching 85% of all households, with each household expected to have between three and four SVOD subscriptions”.

“Flash will ride this wave, offering news-hungry Australians a new way to stay informed about politics, business and local and international events. We believe the product will tap into a growing demand for diverse, trusted news sources by making the best range of Australian and international 24-7 television news sources even more accessible.”

“Flash won’t be what the market expects. It will be more than simply aggregating live channels. Our experience and technology platform gives us the ability to draw on successful Kayo features and innovations to provide an outstanding news experience for our subscribers.”

Further information about Flash will be shared on September 30.

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aljazeera arabic and aljazeera english , both got their own apps on any platform and on android tv , fire tv and apple tv and they livestream on youtube

there is no point to pay for it LMAO

Daniel Narbett

“It’s almost like they’re creating a collection of themed streaming services so Aussies can choose whichever one or more of them that they want” – A fiendishly clever scheme! You could pin a tail on it and call it, well, a Fox