Foxtel, the cable come streaming service which runs Foxtel, and streaming apps Kayo, Binge and Flash, has announced the launch of its newest, next generation Wi-Fi modem which the company states has been designed to respond to the needs of the modern home, whilst also enabling users to not only stream Ultra HD content but work and learn remotely at home too.

The modem features the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology that is designed to better maintain Wi-Fi speeds across multiple devices whether it be for working, learning or streaming over 20,000 hours of content on FOXTEL via iQ set top boxes and seamless streaming capability across FOXTEL’s suite of apps including Prime Video and Netflix.

Cameron Wheeler, Head of Broadband Product Management, FOXTEL has stated at the launch of the next generation Wi-Fi Modem that:

“We’re committed to bringing the best and most innovative technology solutions within the home, to our customers including the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology” and “We’re delighted to bring the new broadband modem to our customers, alongside our partner, CommScope, to deliver a great Wi-Fi experience, so broadband customers can keep watching all their favourite shows, sport and movies, along with all their home internet needs from taking work calls to remote learning.”

The Wi-Fi modem I have to say looks quite cool and streamline and is certainly an improvement over its current modem. The new Foxtel Wi-Fi modem hub features dual-band WiFi 6 (2.4 and 5GHz), VoIP compatibility and can support up to four Ethernet-connected devices (WAN port can be used as a 4th LAN port for FTTN and FTTB connections.)

The Foxtel WiFi Modem hub is locked to Foxtel Broadband, meaning if you wish to switch providers, you will need to get a new modem altogether.

Looking at the Foxtel website, there are 12 months and 24 month options, with plans starting at $124 a month for 12 and 24 month plans.

New customers who switch to FOXTEL Broadband from June 1, will receive the new Wi-Fi 6 modem, while existing Broadband customers can call 131 999 to discuss the upgrade options.

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Ahmad Kishani

too late

wifi 6e was approved

and seriously dual band routers are so slow

internet providers in australia should offer triband routers